allthis4free offers - unrealistic?

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15-07-2005 12:54:36

I have done bestfreegear, and their casino offers are straight foward and easy. I am now signing up for allthis4free, and finding their offers very pricey and somewhat shady. The requirements are unrealistic and the bonuses are shady. For the casinos requiring $100 deposit and $100 wager, this is what I found in the casino TOS

[i1a246aadb9]In the interest of fair gaming in order to cash out any amount of money you must wager at least eight (8) times your play bonus plus deposit. If you withdraw before having reached the minimum wagering requirements, your bonus and winnings will be void.

For example
Deposit $50 get $50 Free - minimum wager is $800
Deposit $100 get $100 Free - minimum wager is $1600[/i1a246aadb9]

So you can basically kiss your $100 deposit goodbye, and if you do make a withdraw before wagering the $1600, you lose all of your winnings and the $100 bonus.

Can ayone who has done allthis4free please share their experience and possible share which casinos/poker rooms are best.


15-07-2005 15:39:22

i did it and chose absolute poker. I had to play 100 raked hands with at least a $.25 rake and deposit $50. Then i recieved credit. For the bonus, they shell out $10 at a time for each 100 raked hands. So when i got to 100 hands, i had $44 and they gave me another $10. I could keep playing to get the other $40 of my bonus, but i am leaving with $4 profit and the $40 i got paid to do the site D


15-07-2005 16:56:24

Do a casino that offers blackjack and play using a blackjack chart... I've made money off of Casino On Net and Golden Palace casino. Be careful with Golden Palace though, it's a bitch to cashout your winnings.


15-07-2005 17:28:01

If you play poker, it is pretty easy to stay at least even. Just play tight. Slease is right about blackjack sites. They are easier to complete, because the house only has a small advantage.


15-07-2005 23:00:22

I'm STV on allthis4free. I did 5 offers and had 1 ref. I played blackjack and poker, and came out ~$400 up, + $35 for signing up.


17-07-2005 03:53:35

be careful. I know for certain that the flamingo casino has in their rules that you can't use black jack as your game to wager how ever many times the deposit you have to.

On the othe hand, Casino on net and Pacific Poker have a bad system that apparently can't keep track of your beting like it should. on Pacific Poker I deposited $20, got my $5 bonus, and cashed out. I didn't play anything and got to take it all out right away(after i recieved my green)


19-07-2005 10:12:55

Just a word of warning, I did the Aspinalls caino offer and they held my cashout (the only way to tell is read the fine print in the cashout request email...they make it seem like everything is fine!). They then asked for a fax/scan of the front/back of my drivers license, credit card, and also my credit card statement. So I sent them the above documents, including my online credit card statement (I don't receive written statements). So they email me back saying they can't accept online statements, and blah blah blah....

Anyway, long story short I just sent them an email pissing and moaning about how the "ridiculous cashout requirements should have been made more clear in the registration process," so we'll see what happens. Bitches are holding $75 of mine.


19-07-2005 10:36:49

Make it easy. Get a neteller account and don't worry about it. I did it that way and it was so easy!