UPS Tracking / 4 freezone

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15-06-2005 20:42:40

UPS shows my package in Houston, TX (where I live). I should receive it tomorrow. If it is, in fact, my 1 gig pro duo, I will let you guys know ASAP.


16-06-2005 16:22:44

Looks like your signature says you got it?

Nice, i'm waiting for my $250 paypal. What order # were you?


16-06-2005 19:21:40

Congrats! Post some proof man! I need more out there!

Aba Most of the current orders will be going out the first week of july. I was hoping for sooner but the other check I'm expecting wasn't as big as I thought. The Big one will come that first week. =)


16-06-2005 21:57:50

order #5 (see brag bag section), and I am really bad with comps, so I'm having trouble posting pics here, but I could email them or send them through IM if you want.


17-06-2005 05:58:42

Yeah man. Send it to I'm making a proof gallery.