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10-06-2005 10:28:55

Finally got my 5th green.

This site has a fair credit time. nothing great, but so far very legit.

My order number is 72

Who has gotten something from these guys?


10-06-2005 12:07:20

i got mlb game got my psp!


11-06-2005 11:00:46

How long did it take you to process?


11-06-2005 11:28:17

Ive been processing since mid may. Im suppose to get the PSP end of june i think.


13-06-2005 08:17:20

Should I invest time/effort into this site?
I need the 1gb duo pro...I just want to make sure I actually get it...


13-06-2005 09:45:17

[quotef0dbb0b29c="wood"]Should I invest time/effort into this site?
I need the 1gb duo pro...I just want to make sure I actually get it...[/quotef0dbb0b29c]

well, wood....let me tell you I dont know if they're totally legit. oops


13-06-2005 10:08:00

Yea don't start it until I approve of the site )


13-06-2005 13:31:28

oh, excellent! I've contacted SuperPSP4free and I'm now Processing! This is looking great. They said to expect shipments by the end of June!

very nice, thank you superpsp4free!


13-06-2005 13:45:20

here's some more info about the SuperFree Network, and their shipping dates, etc. http//

btw...I'm #74!!


26-06-2005 06:46:33

I'm #61 for a PSP; the owner told me that PSPs would ship June 25th, which was yesterday.. no sign of anything shipped yet.. -/ hope we don't get scammed..


27-06-2005 20:17:18

im order 37 for a memory stick. Waiting for just about a month now.


28-06-2005 16:16:08

I've been waiting for 2 months and heard NOTHING. They wont' reply to e-mails either anymore... ( My girlfriend has been waiting longer than me and also heard nothing...


28-06-2005 18:43:21

I believe super network is scamming us. The owner has disappeared! Bummer!


01-07-2005 23:44:22

can anybody who knows how to contact superpsp4free email= me at me at because I'm having big problems with recieving credit there and support tickets are worthless on that site. Thanks