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10-06-2005 04:56:04

Well, after running the 2 different The4freezone sites for a few months now and orders starting to reach people, I've decided to turn into a network. Now networks usually have more than two sites so I will also say I will be launching a new site or two soon. All future news for my sites will be announced at http//


10-06-2005 08:47:29

[quotedc64c2e3bd="FreeZoneNetwork"]On another note! Some good news for a few of you.. I took off work yesterday so I could be home to sign for my delivery of 3 1GB Memory Stick Duos. Once UPS decided to drive past my apartment I hopped in my car and followed them to their next stop. It turns out the package wasn't on his truck and they were dropping it off today. I told them it had to be before work because I couldn't take another day off. Ok enough blabbing. To the good news. I got the package this morning!! I will be notifying the 3 people who will get these today. Unfortunately due to my bank account being negative 300+ dollars I will have to ship them next week, but you will know you're getting them. For those of you who aren't getting one of these 3 I will be hunting down more of these next week as well.[/quotedc64c2e3bd]

Am I not one of these 3 people? I am order #5, so I would figure I'd be among the first few shipped, especially if you've shipped 3 gifts already.

EDIT Well, my status says "shipped", but I'm just curious because I wasn't contacted yesterday. Maybe you could clarify which orders will be shipped next week?


10-06-2005 10:33:24

Sweet, good news. Any idea when order #18 will get their gift? )


10-06-2005 10:37:51

I appologize. I didn't not send a message to the people getting the Mem Stick. So much stuff going on.. oops But if you say shipped then it means it's on it's way. I just got back from dropping the packages off at the ups store.

I'm hoping to have ALL orders that were in before wed out in the next 3 weeks. I know the waiting sucks, but the backlog from when my car died is killing the ship time.. cry


10-06-2005 15:53:22

So if my thing says "shipped", I am order #5, and you dropped them off at UPS today, then I should have the package by mid- next week? Just clarifying. Thanks. )

EDIT Silly me; I just checked my status, and I see the UPS tracking number. It's not showing up yet on UPS though. I guess I will give it a few hours.


10-06-2005 17:07:30

It probably won't show up til monday. I think i missed the UPS pick up time oops If I remember correctly they quoted thursday or friday.


10-06-2005 20:29:34

When are you going to ship the paypal orders?


11-06-2005 07:00:42

more stuff is starting to ship out next week and the week after. I'm hoping to have all orders that were in before this past Tues/Wed out by the end of the first week in july. You will get your stuff and I appologize for the wait, but patience is key.