IWannaFreeGame.com Grand Opening Promotional Contest

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09-06-2005 16:07:28

Only one person has qualified so far. Here is the deal, taken from our network site.

[quotea00ce4f4f1]This contest will run until 1159pm Friday June 17th Central time.

1 x $25 Gift Certificates will be handed out to 3 random people taken from anyone who has successfully completed their offer by the time shown above. I will run reports right before the contest ends, everyone who has been shown to have completed an offer will be entered, no exceptions will be made.

This prize will be paid within 24 hours of the contests end. No substitutions will be made.

So to be entered in this contest here are the steps you must take.
1) Sign up
2) Complete your offer
3) Have your offer go green
4) Post in this thread with your referral link (only after you are green)[/quotea00ce4f4f1]


10-06-2005 05:45:56

Only 5 people are signed up for 3 GC's thats pretty good odds if you all want to get in on it =)


10-06-2005 09:21:07

well, u can just give me 2 of the 3, I will let the other 4 share 1 card ;)


10-06-2005 09:25:30

Don't advertise that, you're bringing down my odds ;) j/k

Thanks for running the contest...it's giving me something to look forward to ) I never win those things though, lol, so I don't know why I'm so hopeful


10-06-2005 13:22:02

Still just 5 people signed up for this. A lot of people are going to be walking out of here with some easy money if nobody else signs up.


12-06-2005 23:24:19

Just 5 days left in this contest and only 7 people entered so far. Not bad odds =)


17-06-2005 01:05:29

Just a reminder to everyone who has completed an offer to sign up for this. I know there are people from this site who have completed offers and haven't signed up, don't miss out!


17-06-2005 22:14:58

Contest winners have been announced. Go to www.IWannaNetwork.com for more info.