Wow, finally processing on get4friends

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08-06-2005 14:40:20

I had pretty much given up hope on this site but it looks like they finally got their act together when they opened up get5friends and now they are crediting offers. Hope it doesn't take them forever to ship.

I'm going for the amazon gift certificate =)


20-06-2005 06:51:30

How long were you waiting for? I've been waiting on credit for two b offers on get4friends.



20-06-2005 11:52:41

One of my refs was dq'd and the other one is one of his "friends" so I regive-up on this site.


20-06-2005 12:15:48

Damn that sucks. I have a lot invested in these guys at this point. I guess I'll just wait for my greens and cross my fingers.


20-06-2005 12:41:33

Pookie the scammer strikes again.

ben laden

20-06-2005 20:58:04

So is this site a scam or not? cause if it is I'm going to stop now.


20-06-2005 21:00:57

They ship items, but I'd suggest stopping now because it will be very hard for you to get approved. Just do another site, there isn't anything special there that you can't get elsewhere.