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04-06-2005 10:57:51

I was wondering if anyone had any information on I thought I had read that they were in fact legitimate, but I wanted to double check to make sure. If you have done this site, how were your experiences with it? How were the offers? Were they good about crediting and shipping? Any info would be greatly appreciated!


05-06-2005 16:19:47

I got 6 refs for the 20GB Ipod (which was 5 refs), and went processing for a month. And then 3 of the refs got D/Qed. ( I still have 3 left though, but don't know if I really want to continue pursuing this site.


05-06-2005 20:00:32

Ick, that's no good. Looks like I will avoid this site. Thanks for the heads up.


07-06-2005 10:09:58

I know this is just going to sound sad.... But what is the highest order # whose recipient has actually recieved their reward from FreeMacGifts?
Anybody? Is there hope?


17-06-2005 21:19:50

im going for it right now ?
il update u guys if i actually get this thing 8)


12-07-2005 22:46:44

I got 7 greens at and ordered my bose sounddock (which only cost 6 greens) on April 6. I still have not received my gift. My status changed to STV over a month ago but still haven't received anything. I liked this site when I first started because the greens came really fast. Now I'm not so sure.

As of writing this message the website is not available. Anything know what's up? Luckily I received a sound dock (and 30GB photo iPod) from the I-deal direct site digitalmusic4free.