***NEW SITE: GetiPod4Free.com - Has Many Rewards - LEGIT

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03-06-2005 11:15:01

GetiPod4Free.com has different kinds of iPos and accessories for them.
This site has been proven legit in A4F. The owner ships as soon as you finish for everyone individually.
The link for the new site is http//www.getipod4free.com

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03-06-2005 13:29:32

hahaha, that site looks ridiculous in firefox. the tables are all broken and shit...


03-06-2005 13:48:45

it does look a bit bad,
but it has already been proven legit


10-06-2005 08:50:02

well, that have been shipped are the smaller items, no ipods that I know of. I am order #9 on a U2 iPod and I am processing as they said they are waiting for the ad check to come in


11-06-2005 11:32:00

there has been 2 ipods shipped and some ipo docks
i just ordered and ipod photo


11-06-2005 11:33:46

I have received my iPod from this site.. D


17-06-2005 01:26:49

do you happen to be the owner?