Hello everybody from the 4NoCash Network owner!

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26-05-2005 14:12:18

Hello everybody,
My name is Josh and I am the owner of the 4NoCash Network.

The 4NoCash Network currently consists of two sites MiniCool.4NoCash.com and WifiMusic.4NoCash.com

The first site, WifiMusic.4NoCash.com offers wireless media centers. These are pretty cool. If you [i1ca91bda50]share[/i1ca91bda50] MP3s or movies ( roll ) then you can stream all that stuff and more, wirelessly, to your television so you arent tied to your computer to watch them. Watch your movies and listen to your MP3s on whatever entertainment setup you have. Everything here is 4 referrals.

The second site, MiniCool.4NoCash.com offers mini fridges and personal vending machines. Now, honestly, who doesnt want a personal vending machine? Come in second place after that, a mini fridge. Both of free, of course which makes it that much better. Anyways, the first product offered is the MayTag Skybox which is a personal vending machine. Pretty self-explanatory. The second product is a Sanyo minifridge which, too, is pretty self-explanatory. The SkyBawx is 11 refs and the minifridge is 6 refs. The PayPal is 7 refs.

All sites offer PayPay payouts. Wifi is $150 for 4 and MiniCool is $300 for 7.

4NoCash.com is the network homepage which has all news and related info on shipping dates, delays, and the like.

I credit multitple times daily Monday - Sunday and offer almost everyday (occasionally I go out and have a social life on the weekends but there are some weekends I am at the computer providing support). I can be contacted LIVE via AIM whenever.

I am here to help and talk to all the users of the FIPG forums and any users of the 4NoCash Network so please feel free to IM me and chat. Even if its not about the 4NoCash Network, I still wouldnt mind talking to any of you.

One last word. Nobody knows this but FIPG is my ROOTS! ) I first got into the free stuff scene as a site user during this last summer. Someone told me about FIPG and I used them to get a free iPod. I posted on this forums wayyyy back when. I remember there used to be a Gratis rep at the time but he stopped posting after a while and I remember the owner posted that one subforum "i caught you a delicious bass" ;) Napoleon Dynamite. I moved onward and upward after using FIPG completing more and more sites and eventually getting so much into the free scene that I started my own. So really, Im coming back to my roots with this post. This is REALLY where I started so thanks to the owners for a great site. Without this site I wouldnt have gotten to the point of starting my OWN network )



26-05-2005 14:18:29

welcome back kotter


26-05-2005 14:30:53

welcome back and I think I will be doing your minicool site pretty soon


26-05-2005 14:48:40

I just spoke to this gentleman and he sounds like a honest guy glad to have you here


27-05-2005 13:55:46

josh is really cool
unfortunatly i lost all my refs when searchcactus took them away and i never got any more refs but i still talk to him once and a while on aim


28-05-2005 10:37:29

Yes, that was unfortunate. If you want, maybe I can set you up with one or two free referrals on Wifi as a gesture of kindness to show I want you back as a 4NoCash user. 8)


28-05-2005 11:38:42

Josh- talk to the Admin and see if you can get Mod priveledges and your own forum....


28-05-2005 20:18:57

Yay, a 4NoCash category has been setup