4freezone STV

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26-05-2005 12:33:51

I went from submitting for approval to STV all in one day. Amazing! Now just have to wait for paypal payment. Anyone know how long this takes?


26-05-2005 18:20:18

If you are referring to the4freezone, whats your order #? I am order #5, and I have been processing for over a month.


26-05-2005 20:28:24

order #15


27-05-2005 11:42:01

What offers did your refs do? The owner says some orders take longer because of problems with StarClub... did any of yours do that offer?


27-05-2005 13:53:20

They did Blockbuster, ultraslim, AOL, and efax


27-05-2005 16:28:37

He said the same thing to me, that one of my refs did Star Club and they haven't paid him yet or something.


27-05-2005 16:33:00

Hopefully i get paid soon then if none of my refs did starclubs. I do like that it shows what offers your refs do.


30-05-2005 17:13:12

still STV, peinecone? or progressed in the process?


30-05-2005 17:33:17

Hehe Efax

Well i have 3 people that claim to have done an offer but all are yellow. I guess im calling off the trade.


30-05-2005 19:06:01

ya, i'm still waiting. I sent in a support ticket asking when they would be sending out paypal orders. A email they sent out said they were shipping out the first week of June.


30-05-2005 20:27:29

When I went to processing on Apr. 27, he told me mid-May. A couple of weeks later, he delayed it because he had to spend start-up money fixing his car. So he told me he would start shipping last week. When I told him I was order #5, he said he might only ship a couple and might not get to me in the first shipment. Now I know for a fact 2 people have already been shipped a while back (including PodTopia), which would make me third in line. However, he still has not gotten to me. Now he says that StarClub referrals will result in delayed shipping. So all in all, I have been waiting over a month and still have not seen any signs of him shipping anytime soon.

We'll see.


04-06-2005 09:30:50

I'm waiting for my paypal payment as well. Looks like they are ugrading the site and getting a few problems.


04-06-2005 10:23:40

Got my $500. Ordered in early April. Received last week.


04-06-2005 18:17:07

When did they stop offering $500 payments?


04-06-2005 19:51:56

It was a custom for 10 referrals.


05-06-2005 02:59:41

i'm order #13 and i didn't get sent out...i've been waiting for over a month! He responded to me saying they went out in order, but if order number 15 went out that sucks.


05-06-2005 08:21:17

i was order #2.


05-06-2005 08:23:20

i am order #5 and still haven't shipped, so don't complain!


05-06-2005 09:54:21

He said that all orders should be sent out by the ~3rd week of June (I'm #9).


05-06-2005 15:17:39

I am now STV.


05-06-2005 20:04:35

Ok. I shall clear the air up now.

1. The people marked STV or Shipped have been marked in the order of Order Submission. No one was skipped. Even some of the starclub people are marked STV so they know once I get paid for those offers they are being shipped. If you have not been marked to either of those then you will be soon.

2. I'm still in the process of getting all the STV orders together, wether it be paypal or not, ready to go. I have a few memory sticks coming in as well.

3. Rather than speculating on what is happening please send a support ticket because as you can see in some of the above posts, people are getting upset over things that aren't really a problem.


05-06-2005 22:55:28

Been waiting for a post like this. Thanks )


06-06-2005 02:47:31

yes, the owner of the4freezone is great in restoring people's confidence and customer support. I hope it continues and I am assured by his comments that I will get my order without any other hitches.


06-06-2005 06:18:48

I appologize I'm not here that much. Between the free sites, a gaming news site I'm trying to get off the ground, and other things it's tough to do. D


06-06-2005 09:28:06

SO when exactly do you expect that the StarClub people will be shipped?


06-06-2005 10:31:04

I [b5528ee4bee]should[/b5528ee4bee] be getting paid from Starclubs on the 20th.


06-06-2005 20:22:30

[quote543d349213="nevery"]I appologize I'm not here that much. Between the free sites, a gaming news site I'm trying to get off the ground, and other things it's tough to do. D[/quote543d349213]

I'm interested in hearing more about the gaming news site.


07-06-2005 07:41:38

Well, the gaming news site is going to be screenshots, news, reviews, trailers, etc. Kind of like a toned down IGN because It's only me and one other person running it. You can check it out at http//www.gamersurvival.com


07-06-2005 08:28:19

the4freezone has been the fastest site i've ever worked with )


07-06-2005 11:07:25

True, but it still seems that no one but PodTopia has received anything from them.


07-06-2005 11:59:41

people on other forums have gotten stuff.. I know of a proof post in gear live and 2 on anything4free