4NoCash (wifi & minicool)

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24-05-2005 16:38:44

If you ordered a product from them, looks like all the orders were placed today with FREE! over-night shipping because there was a delay on their end. I think paypal goes out next week.

Great network if you have not done it. Since I know the owner of the network, he did a nice special order for me, and got me the Wacom 9x12 writting tablet.

If you guys did not start this network, you should.... )


24-05-2005 17:05:02

I'm really tempted to go for that vending machine... i just don't NEED it... lol


24-05-2005 19:28:14

Just go for something else. I got the $150 from WiFi even though he had all the publishing problems. I always forget about him, but he's the best network around.


24-05-2005 21:30:12

[quote7027fea29a="slease"]I'm really tempted to go for that vending machine... i just don't NEED it... lol[/quote7027fea29a]

I already got one....load it with beer....YOU NEED IT!!


24-05-2005 21:38:05

http//minicool.4nocash.com/images/minicool_17.jpg[" alt=""/img8158121fda]

[b8158121fda]Tell[/b8158121fda] your friends about this site?


24-05-2005 23:06:03

What are the ref requirements for these sites?


25-05-2005 00:01:21

that vending machine looks PIMP


25-05-2005 06:56:18

[quotef7ea5112a7="PoPoJiJo"]What are the ref requirements for these sites?[/quotef7ea5112a7]

4 for WifiMusic

6 for the refrig/7 for paypal
11 for the skybox


25-05-2005 07:24:54

Wifi or $150 Paypal 4

Smaller Fridge 6
$300 Paypal 7
Vending 11