The Day Of Truth

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20-05-2005 12:49:52

Cool4Free is shipping today. To get your item shipped quicker, post in this thread


GL all.


20-05-2005 13:18:57

Thanks for the heads up. Put in for my PSP, hope he does ipods next.


20-05-2005 20:58:42

THEY'RE ALIVE! I got an e-mail asking for my PayPal address since he doesn't have PSPs in stock (aka eCost doesn't have them in stock). It's alright, it was going straight to eBay anyway!


20-05-2005 21:05:28

good luck everyone... I know we've all been waiting for this. i too hope iPods is next..


21-05-2005 14:55:42

Still nothing, you get yours podtopia?


22-05-2005 15:30:12

GOT MY CASH THIS MORNING. $250 for the PSP. Hope y'all get yours. You should post in the topic @ A4F, that's the order he's doing it in.


22-05-2005 19:17:43

They sent me a pm asking if I wanted paypal instead, so hopefully I will get some sometime this week