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19-05-2005 14:54:27

Most people use Google as their default search engine right? Well now you can use google and earn free stuff at the same time with Blingo. Blingo is a new search engine that is RUN BY GOOGLE and uses the SAME ENGINE as Google, so you get the same results. Blingo rewards its users with prizes such as PSPS and IPODS for using the service. About 70 people every day win prizes just for searching.

Registration is FREE, and no referrals are required. There are no offers to complete, and it is totally random.

The BEST part is, if somebody that you refer wins a prize, so do you. That means that if you have a friend network of about 30 people, any one of them could win a prize for you. And you can win prizes for your friends! If you win a prize yourself, all 30 of those friends can have their very own PSP thanks to you!

If you are interested, register at
Or email me if you have any questions about the service.


19-05-2005 14:58:08

Wow, awesome, I registered! roll


19-05-2005 15:25:22

thats a lot of people getting a psp this site seems good but i kinda wonder about all your freinds getting the prize as well as you. u sure it isnt if a freind earns a prize u get one too. not every person in ur freinds list. cause that would mean they might have to give away 1000 psps. if you had enough freinds. but i can see them giving away 2 psps 1 to your freind and one to you


03-06-2005 10:25:52

What is Blingo Friends?

Blingo Friends is a way to increase your chances of winning by inviting your friends to use Blingo. If someone you invited wins a prize by searching on Blingo, we'll send you the same prize. See our Blingo Friends FAQ for details.


05-06-2005 13:34:36

so the more friend the better right? c'mon ppl, lets all be friends ^.^