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10-05-2005 07:03:46

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[quoteb14359e824]Ok decided to give you guys another update on the status of the sites. I hope this information helps.

Crediting - Allmost done a lot of you have still not gotten credit for a few offers most likely because they were cb offers when we moved to the new server the CB parser prefixes were messed up. You should all get credit for those today, relax be patient you will get credit.

Verifying - Very backed up with a lot to verify you will not be skipped over. I promise we are trying our best to do this as quick as possible. Once again your patience is greatfully appreciated.

Shipping - We are going to be shipping around the 20th.

Support Tickets - Because the extreme amount of tickets all will be deleted and you will have to open new ones. I know this is going to frustrate alot of you but please understand the support tickets that are currently open out of close to 600 now 85% is nothing but junk tickets or spam. We want to start with a clean slate on tickets to once again try and provide the best support.

Live Help - IS COMING BACK PLEASE be patient while we fix problems with it. - Currrently be remodeled. Should be done soon. - Coming soon

As for anything else please be patient wait a few days until we can get everything back in order before you bombbard us with questions.

GC Admin Cool4free Network[/quoteb14359e824]

I know I've received a green in the last couple of days from them so they definately are crediting. Still not verified on PhreeIpods though. I like that they are sticking to their May 20th shipping date. This is generally good news.


10-05-2005 07:24:50

That would be great if they shipped on the 20th. That would keep it under 2 months for processing


17-05-2005 09:01:45

any word on Cool4free shipping out gifts? Has anyone received anything yet?