I got $4 bucks, show me how to make $1,000 for Christmas???

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09-12-2009 13:35:45

I actually have $4 available.

I am waiting to go green and I'll have $29 available after that. But literally I'm starting from rock bottom and would like to know how I can power out as much as possible this month from my starting point...I know $1,000 might be out of reach? But I'd just like to see how much I can get, and I'm free almost every day all day right now.


09-12-2009 15:34:02

First you should remove that referral link from your sig.


09-12-2009 17:23:07

by xmas? probably won't get anything except a few bucks from trades


09-12-2009 20:47:28

So I couldn't expect to make a part-time income off of this? If I put in 6+ hours per day I wouldn't be able to expect more than a few bucks?


09-12-2009 20:48:35

this kinda stuff kinda died out man. sorry \