Newbs have all the power

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09-12-2009 13:19:07

I read this somewhere, or something like newbs hold all the cards...or something along those lines.

How so?

I'm very new here, but I could imagine it has something to with there being a limited supply of trials and offers to sign up for?

Or is there any other reason this could be true, that newbs hold all the cards so to speak?

Or did I just misinterpret what I read and I'm way off?

Please enlighten me.


09-12-2009 14:54:47

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09-12-2009 20:48:14

my bad, I fixed it...back to the discussion now. ??


10-12-2009 13:49:06

yeah i guess i could agree with that noob power statement...back in the day though. nowadays, no one has power