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02-12-2009 06:01:13

Got a new iMac...

So I am having issues with sharing/torrenting. I have tried to follow guides at I am not connecting very well to BitMEtv and Waffles. I have tried utorrent, transmission, and now vuze. It is driving me absolutely crazy... Any thoughts? I can still download fine, but the uploading part to maintain my ratio has shit the bed...


02-12-2009 07:06:37

If it is only for one program, then maybe find a different OS X version that she'll like? I googled "scrapbook program os x" and this was[=http//]this was the first result, lol. That one might not necessarily be what you're looking for, but I'm sure there's something like it out there.


02-12-2009 09:43:30

I would also suggest getting an OS X alternative scrapbooking app. I'm sure you wouldn't have any trouble finding one just as good, if not better, on Mac. I don't think a scrapbooking app would justify the trouble of installing Windows, but if you did, you may consider VMWare or Parallels for dual booting. It'd be much less hassle to run one application.

You can get Windows/VMWare/Parallels from BTJunkie. ;)


18-12-2009 07:25:31

problem updated Dec 18


20-12-2009 10:59:14

If you're not getting any upload speeds from waffles and other private trackers, this is normal. Places like and waffles got so many damn seeds, it's net to impossible to get your upload up without 1. uploading unique content and 2. seed all the freeleeches you can (staff pics, site compilations... shit like that). If you're a member of, I would suggest The Beatles Entire collection (box set) in V0 and FLAC. They're freeleech, so they wont affect your DL stats, but will increase your upload as you seed them. Considering how popular they are, you can get your ratio in good standings in a reasonable time. I invited a friend to and he's only seeded the Beatles box set and, Vol. 4 and has upped almost 15GBs from them alone... I don't think he's uploaded ANY unique content.

EDIT Oh... and if you're a member of, try filling requests. Look for the large bounties and try to fill them before someone else gets to it first.