I now begin my search for an Iphone...

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24-09-2009 23:40:55

Hi. It's been a while since I used this site, but I'm getting back in the scene, looking for an Iphone.

So I'm looking for general advice. Which site(s) are recommended for one who has not yet signed up for any of the Iphone sites? (I did, back in the day, sign up for a number of sites -- but that was over 2 years ago, and my address and credit cards have changed since then).

Like I say, I'm looking for an Iphone only. Or possibly two -- so I could be working on two Iphone sites at the same time.

So, which sites should I aim for? I'm highly averse to doing offers that cost money (but for all I know that might be the name of the game these days).

Thanks in advance for your advice!