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21-08-2009 20:43:11

Hey guys,

My name is Keirt (Kurt). I'm 14 years old. I'm looking to make some money online so that i may get an xbox 360 D any tips?



21-08-2009 22:24:01

[quote276b255b7c="KeirTurduS"]Hey guys,

My name is Keirt (Kurt). I'm 14 years old. I'm looking to make some money online so that i may get an xbox 360 D [b276b255b7c]any tips?[/b276b255b7c]

THANKS! D[/quote276b255b7c]

Be 18.


21-08-2009 22:45:52

-_- that helps. why don't I just skip 4 years right now...


23-08-2009 13:35:12

I pm'd you a site so I hope it's helping you


23-08-2009 14:26:02

yep, i signed up but as soon as i saw the free offers, they are all worth below 1 dollar /


23-08-2009 14:27:24

Hmmm, ok, I'll keep searching for you...I did see another site but I forgot lol...I'll find it for you though.


23-08-2009 14:28:33

o really? thanks a lot! let's see. can i give +reputations here? P


23-08-2009 23:27:57

The +Karma button.

I wasn't trying to be a dick with my post; most sites stipulate in their TOS that you must be 18 to complete the sites.


23-08-2009 23:57:44

/ so money making opportunities online aren't for 14 year olds? cry so i guess i'll do what you did, and be 18! D


24-08-2009 09:20:57

[quote45c4150451="KeirTurduS"]/ so money making opportunities online aren't for 14 year olds? cry so i guess i'll do what you did, and be 18! D[/quote45c4150451]

some are for 13 year olds too...but they say you usually need parental permission with that...

some are 16 year and up.

others are 18...just like the person said, you'll have to read the TOS.

if you need anymore help, just ask and of course I'll try to help you.


24-08-2009 12:53:37

i find that the one for 13 year olds only have offers that are below 1 dollar and cash outs are like 10 dollars. so it will take forever


24-08-2009 12:56:42

Not really...
all you have to do is sign up for a new email account just for that site (i found that gmail works best)

but the thing is...most get paid to sites are less than a dollar.
more than likely if there were a dollar or's a scam.
not saying that there's no possibly of that happening w/o being a scam, but the ones that people know of so far are scams.


24-08-2009 12:58:14

oh i see. well i used to be part of cashcrate but the offers there always have one of those platinum/gold/silver pages at the end...


24-08-2009 12:59:18

yeah, the gold/silver/plat pages, you just CLICK on an offer or don't exactly have to do it.


24-08-2009 13:00:13

oh. so just basically click an offer, then it will credit me with the amount specified on cashcrate?


24-08-2009 13:02:18

just make sure though if it says click one offer and the site requires more...than i'd just go ahead and do what the site requires (if they say 2 on gold, 2 on silver, and 3 on plat...then do that)...i found it credits much better.

sometimes though they don't credit...but seriously you may want to consider making new email addresses for some (if they stop crediting) b/c of all the spam and stuff.


24-08-2009 13:04:39

well most of the time, the offers on the page leads to another same process of completing a sign-up then completing the plat/gold/silver offers AGAIN. its like a never ending cycle..


24-08-2009 13:06:01

if after you type in your address and stuff and you click continue and another page opens up...don't do that page...just click out the page that popped up b/c that's something else.

yeah some have longer loops than others, but it pays off in the end


24-08-2009 13:07:23

i suppose so. it really only gives like 1 dollar so i dont know if it does pay off XD


24-08-2009 13:08:31

well if you do more that gives a $1...just add up the dollars and if you can save up, it'll pay off.

some people have different means of what they do once they hit the cashout...some keep making money while others keep cashing out.


24-08-2009 13:10:41

i guess. but cash crate doesn't have many offers available to 14 year olds that live in canada. they mostly have offers for the US


24-08-2009 13:14:13

ahhh i didn't know you resided in canada.
yeah i'm in the USA but i hate to see how sites are available for us and canada, yet canada's really limited on what they can do.


24-08-2009 13:15:39

yeah so it basically cancels out completing offers myself. but maybe referring US members? also, does paying ppl to complete offers for you to get something for free payoff?


24-08-2009 13:17:24

some sites have incentives on that.
to be honest off the top of my head i'm not sure about cash crate, they may have some kind of payout...or you can just earn 10% or 20% of what your referrals earn.

i know that paid the fastest is like that.


24-08-2009 13:19:38

i guess i could result to paying ppl to become my referral and then claim the prize. so like if i were to get the free $50 to paypal, i could pay them 15-25 dollars and still get money P but do the offers on those freebie items require credit cards? cuz i know you need to complete and offer yourself


24-08-2009 13:22:39

some do, yet some don't.
like i did one offer site just by the cellphone offers.


24-08-2009 13:23:39

ohhh truee. i could use my cellphone. but does it charge you? / my mom might not be too happy about that if it did XD


24-08-2009 13:24:54

yeah it usually does.
like even if you press stop it sometimes does.


24-08-2009 13:25:51

ugh. i can't do anything without getting in trouble...


24-08-2009 15:38:23

What do you need money for? Parents won't let you cut the grass? Or just give you money? I know how you whippersnappers are.

Could always check out FusionCash....


24-08-2009 17:28:07

i wanna have extra money that i can save up cuz i wanna buy an xbox 360. mom's cheap D