Waiting for TR to be Posted .................

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21-08-2009 13:55:05

I have 6 TR request and have been waiting for them to post,
one is since July, whats taking so long? I am trying to increase my TR but if you are not going to post them then whats the use of trying.


22-08-2009 06:41:55

Thank you for your fast response!!


22-08-2009 16:36:31

Has anyone been able to assist you yet?


22-08-2009 17:45:53

[quote411d4b530f="NessaChanel"]Has anyone been able to assist you yet?[/quote411d4b530f]

[quote411d4b530f="cvbiz"]Thank you for your fast response!![/quote411d4b530f]


22-08-2009 18:48:07

I meant as if anyone has helped him since...not saying that to sound stupid.
I sent an email to the admin anyways.


22-08-2009 19:57:36

What is the status plz?


22-08-2009 20:00:28

[quotea6c49f554d="KeithA"]What is the status plz?[/quotea6c49f554d]

aren't you banned from this site?


26-08-2009 06:59:24

sorry i didn't respond sooner.

yes they did post the rest of my TR,

as soon as I posted this thread the next day my Tr was updated ,

along wuth everyone else who traded with me
I tried contacting admin, but it didn't work, Try posting your promblem as well

Good Luck


26-08-2009 09:27:56

[quote0b5f1b25e8="NessaChanel"][quote0b5f1b25e8="KeithA"]What is the status plz?[/quote0b5f1b25e8]

aren't you banned from this site?[/quote0b5f1b25e8]

He's a moderator?