trader agreed to pay me on green and its been days

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21-07-2009 19:33:12

what do i do a trader who has 31 tr agreed to pay me on green. i went green within an hour and i never got paid. its been almost a week then i finally get a reply and they say i am red and i am not. but i am very irratated? ive sent countless pms


22-07-2009 09:18:54

Open a thread here http//

I don't know if there are any admins left that care or will help you. I hope it all works out.


22-07-2009 11:18:18

r u serious they can get away with this? does this look red to anyone?

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i completed this on the 17th suppose to be paid on green and heard nothing till yesterday then they tell me sorry dear you have gone red.. ????????????????????

sandra habina

24-07-2009 21:18:14

That is not right, I sure hope that trader pays you asap. That is BS


26-07-2009 04:14:11

Hey my friend, gotcha here great lets get going.

I will be sending $$$ as soon as you are green since you are a member of other trading forum got another message from a trader says this trader is actually someone from the past who has been banned. anature77 think i will just try to wrap things up hear and be on my way. i have another trader agreed to pay on green its been 5 days since ive gone green. hopefully everything is ok with the trader it says they havent been online at all here so im trying to be patient. jessi1 has decided she isnt going to pay me because i was rude lol after a week of suppose to being paid on green who wouldnt be?