How Long...?

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15-07-2009 19:29:30

How long do you usually have to wait before you can do the same offer again?

I've been told 6 months but I want to triple check it before I go back into the trade market as being the referal.

Thanks in advance guys! I know I'm not a newbie but I knew this was the best place to post for an answer.


15-07-2009 22:11:59

Generally speaking, never.

The only thing about 6 months I've ever heard of is I-Deal. But I'd say it's a crapshoot -- just because I-Deal says it's okay, some advertisers might not want to pay out for the dupe lead. And I-Deal won't give you credit if they don't get paid.

I just looked up an I-Deal site recently, and they had a ton of new offers I'd never seen before -- I could easily complete at least a couple of their sites without a repeat, and I've done 4-5 of their sites a few years ago.