Can we use banners in signature?

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15-06-2009 20:34:52

Hi there,

I saw some traders are using banners of different sites.
Can anyone tell me how I can have a banner added to my posts?
I do have the banner code and the imagine link, but I do not know to use them (.
Can the banner be used in signature?
Can I use banner for other money maker opportunities?

Thank you.


15-06-2009 20:58:29

Yes, you can use banners, as long as they don't exceed a reasonable size (we have a thread somewhere around here with the size limitations -- I'm thinking 600x200 but I'm not positive). As far as how to post the link, you can either use the BBCode tags, or HTML <img> tags, like so

[code104048f28a2](BBCode)-> [url==""][img="][" alt=""/img][=""][img="][" alt=""/img][/url]
(HTML)-> <a href=""><img src="" /></a>[/code104048f28a2]

The no reflink rule still applies, of course. If you advertise another revenue generating venture that is not your own, it cannot include a reflink or any other link that would benefit you directly by someone clicking it. If you want to advertise your own site, you can contact one of us staff members about buying an ad. The exception to that would be if you own a freebie site, in which case you can advertise it in your sig with a regular (non-ref) link.