Easy sites to do?

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09-06-2009 15:52:22

Hey i am wondering what are some easy sites to do and what are some good DIY sites?

I am looking for sites that are easy and dont require too much money.

sandra habina

11-06-2009 01:45:31

#1 Network is Trainn which is IFW - only 1 offer to green.

If you would like more info - please PM me.

There is a DIY sub section here. I would check that for updates about those sites.

Best of luck to you.


17-06-2009 18:49:45

Another great network is ZNZ. It is great because the offers are guaranteed, so it works fast for referral and referee.
I also worked one easy DIY, that was paying off for as less as 50 cents, but I found out that DIY sites are not crediting that well.

If you want more info feel free to PM me.