Problem initiating trades

Live forum:


13-04-2009 19:51:07

When i try to set up a trade or someone else tries to initiate one with me the message appears, "You are not permitted to initiate new trades." I don't know why. I havent been on the site for a while, then just tried to set up a trade. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


13-04-2009 20:09:14

man thats wack! your profile looks solid, respectable TR, and karma through the roof... DANG!!!! free scudhawk007!!


14-04-2009 08:36:17

Your trading module access is limited, presumably because your Karma continues to rise, despite you not having been on the forum in forever.


15-04-2009 17:47:25

Hey thanks a ton for your response to my post. Do you have the ability to remove the trade limitation for me? As karma has nothing to do with the actual trades that would be great. I really have no control over people giving me karma. There was a member a while back who found it humorous to jack up my karma. I didnt anticipate that having an adverse affect on my account so naturally i didnt object. Im a big fan of the forum and would really like to get back into action. Thanks again.