OrderCash4Free is Giving Me the Run-a-Round

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22-03-2009 18:44:49

Hey All,

Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same difficulties with ordercash4free.com. I tried to cash out back in August 08.
I had to have a change of address for my check and sent in an email to change it. They replied back and told me 'not to worry about it'.

So I emailed again and they replied
[ic6b231e2c3]"Checks are currently not being processed as a payment option which is why you were told not to worry about it. Please choose paypal as your payment method, it is much more effective."
So, I put in for a PayPal withdrawl. It's still PENDING to this day. I emailed customer support several times. First of all, they respond way late. Second, they don't give you any specific answers.

[uc6b231e2c3]Also, they said[/uc6b231e2c3]
[ic6b231e2c3]2008-08-24 121521 "Payouts are currently on hold while we open a new website!"[/ic6b231e2c3]

[uc6b231e2c3]Then they said[/uc6b231e2c3]
[ic6b231e2c3]2008-09-12 160639 "Your latest order was placed 2008-08-11 145430
However, we are opening a new site, and until then all funds from this site are going to be put off. Sorry for the inconvenience. -Kareem"[/ic6b231e2c3]

I haven't received any responses to my other tickets from December or the last one in March.

Where is this site they speak of? Also, why do they still allow sign ups if you can't check out in the end????

Has anyone else had this problem?

Thanks! Nina