How do you work for a freebie site?

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12-03-2009 16:29:37

hey guys I've been doing this freebie site thing for a few years now and I've always been wondering how do you work for freebie sites? I've been looking on monster but can seem to find anything anywhere? I'm very interested in working for one. shock


17-03-2009 16:02:29

Hi Bapekid,

Speaking completely from my own experience of being a support person, I will attempt to answer this for you.

First, I doubt that freebie sites which work as these do, through legitimate forums, etc... actually advertise via an agency such as Monster. [bd9a16a80ea]Perhaps[/bd9a16a80ea] if they are looking for a cpa, programmer, or other highly trained professional they would.

According to the owner, I was approached due to my knowledge of how the freebie industry worked from a traders point of view, my helpfulness to others, as well as being a recognized and approachable figure in the community. I was not nearly as confident in my skills, LOL.

Trust me, I am not tooting my own horn when I say this, as I was truly shocked when asked... But I now see how all of that has helped me, and I hope, also benefited the site. Still have much to learn though.

Then of course there must be a opening to fill. If you feel you have the above covered, you might try to approach a owner and let them know of your desire, should a opening come up. Otherwise, a owner my indeed approach you.

I had big shoes to fill, and am still striving to do so. ;)

Hope this was somewhat helpful, and I wish you the best in your endeavor,

YGF Margot ;)