No email when I get a PM

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25-02-2009 08:31:59

Hi Guys....

I just wanted to check and see if there was something else that I needed to do to be able to get a email when I received a PM. I have my email in the box in my profile and I have the box ticked to notify me when I receive a PM but I never do get the email. A couple weeks ago I changed my email address to my email client that I use with my lunarpages website. When I updated my profile I waited and waited and waited on my confirmation email. Never got one. So, since I never got a confirmation email I couldn't get logged back on here. I had to get Dave from 123StuffForFree to pm a mod here to let me back on. He set my account to confirmed or what ever the system does after your email address has been confirmed. LOL... now I'm afraid to change it again, afraid it will lock me back out. Is there something I can do to receive a email when I get a pm or does it not work for anyone. I use IncrediMail to fetch my email from my website or what ever you call that. Too.... is there a way to get a email when someone replies to my thread?



25-02-2009 09:25:08

good looks. same thing happened to me the other day as well