Do you know any legit sites that don't require referrals?

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14-02-2009 23:24:33

Hey all and thanks for the help. I was wondering if any of you know any legit sites where you don't need referrals and you can just do more offers. (certain number of level 1 offers, certain number of level 2 offers, certain number of level 3 offers, so on). I found one site which is but I dont think it's a very legitamate site, have any of you heard of it? Thanks for all your help.

sandra habina

15-02-2009 07:22:49

You may want to check out the DIY sites section on this forum.

Best of luck.


18-02-2009 13:08:40

You could do a TraInn site using a points account. Givafree also has a points option.


18-02-2009 14:17:34

I like your screen name, heh

Go to the DIY section and do the ideal 8 offer $750 bucks site


22-02-2009 18:31:09

slot of sites will have a ref/points account option just click points. Trainn has that setup.