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07-02-2009 17:04:34

Do different freebie sites have different offers to do? a year or so ago, i made like $100 bucks from ZNZ and kind of gave up because getting referrals were just so tedious. But now I came back into it because I've been really wanting an iPhone for some time, but just can't afford it without the contract. I started with a Trainn site.

I fullfilled my green, and sought out referrals so I came here. I'm of doing a trade with someone, by giving him a referral for cash for a another Trainn site. But the offers under the webvisualtools keep denying my card. Theres nothing wrong with it, ive used it for other sites and theres money in my account. It's a credit/debit card. Could they be refusing it because i've done offers for them before or because my card is also a debit card? I tried my paypal card with the same problem. I've used the same cards on ZNZ a year or so ago without any problems.

This leads me back to the first question i asked, do different freebie sites have a large amount of different offers from Trainn sites? I really want referrals for my iPhone, its just that whenever i try to do a Trainn site for someone, i either did most of them, or those webvisualtools wont let me, so I would like to gain referrals for the iPhone in exchange for a non-Trainn site. If anyoene can answer those questions or do a trade with me, please help, thanks!


07-02-2009 17:24:26

Oh, I can help you out here... pacific webworks,(ppw)offers... are the same as the webvisualtools offers, they all will give you that card error message, if you have already done one of the offers in the past, it will not allow you to do another offer from that company.


07-02-2009 17:26:00

I'm not quite sure what you mean by "webvisualtools", is that a particular offer? You can only do each offer once. Also, you can only do one offer from Pacific Web Works (which runs several offers like Google SEO Supervisor and eAuction Tutor). There is quite a bit of overlap of offers between sites, but usually each site will have a different subset of all the offers, so you will likely see something different on different sites. There are lots of different offers, so maybe just try a different one instead of "webvisualtools".


08-02-2009 04:59:30

Hi there,

Looks like all the bases were covered on this one. I would like to point out though, that if it has been a year since you have done offers, some new ones have come along that even those of us with semi high tr's have been able to complete. Hopefully you did keep track of the ones you did do back then, as that will help you a lot now.

Best of luck with the iPhone!

Margot )