Which website to use?

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21-12-2008 11:55:14

Uh, hello. I'm new to this website, and really referral websites in general. I understand the general principles about them, and I've read the newbie.php page, so please excuse me if I'm wrong in asking for a little guidance about which site to choose, since there seems to be a lot of them. I'm looking for a cheap/free way to get an Apple iPod (at least 80gb)... Is choosing a website with the fewest referrals I need a good way to go, or is there more to it than that? Are there websites that are not reputable, or what?


Note I am in Florida, of which Freepay does not work in.


21-12-2008 12:50:44

You're not going to want to do referrals. It's going to take you forever. You're new and if people are going to green for someone, it's going to be someone with a high TR. Unfortunately, you've come at a transition period for freebies. I'm not sure what it's transitioning to, but it's not even close to as easy as it once was to get a prize.

If I were you, I would find a TRAINN site, those are the most reputable, sign up for a points account instead of a referral account and do it that way. Basically, you need to get x amount of points by completing offers. It'll be more worth your while at this point. Plus refs are going to cost you almost 30 bucks a piece at this point. Not a good return for an ipod. Good luck man.


21-12-2008 12:52:36

Hi, My advice along with any other person wondering this question is that Trainn websites are the way to go. You only need to do 1 offer to be verified or green. Once it credits you start referring other people. When they sign up and do an offer they count as one referral. yourfreevideoipods.com Im pretty sure has what you want. Your best bet is not to just sign up for free. Find someone who is paying money for that site, and most people will be willing to pay you $25+ for it. Then start referring people to do the same. Let me know if this helped.


28-12-2008 23:33:25

Kinda depends which ipod your looking for. I got my daughter the 2GB ipod shuffle from fetchitfree with an apple giftbox. But I paid my referral $35. Wasn't really that great of a deal.

TRAINN is an awesome site to work with. There's yourfreevideoipods, flashipods4free, yourfreeistuff, & youripodtouch4free. TRAVMAN was correct about the points system @ TRAINN, especially if you wanna do it on your own. Deffinately the cheapest way. Understand though, that it won't be free. You'll have to complete many many offers which almost always cost s/h atleast. (S/H for an online delivery, what a joke)! And ofcourse, if you're late on cancelling an offer, much more cost! Don't cross out the referral route, because TRAINN is probably the easiest to get referrals for!

Unfortunately, I'm not working on any of those particular TRAINNS anymore. But let me know if I can help in any way!