Trading feedback

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15-12-2008 15:02:21

I completed my first trade, no problems. But then I tried to leave feedback (I selected Request TR). I saw a pop up box telling me about the feedback form that would show up when I hit OK. So I hit OK, and I got a screen that said it was updating several things and that it was successful. Never say a feedback form at all. Any ideas what when wrong and how to fix it? The trader was very helpful and I'd like to give him good feedback.



sandra habina

15-12-2008 22:20:35

If you typed in the feedback in the pop up window it will show up but not until the moderators credit the TR's. This usually takes a few days and then you will see feedback on your profile page. And your feedback will show up on the other traders profile page. OK

Hope this helps.


15-12-2008 22:43:37

If the feedback doesn't go through, as far as I understand it, you can go back to the trade module, look at that particular trade, switch the drop menu back from "Request TR" to something like "gone green" or whatever and then go hit "Request TR" again and it will prompt you for feedback.


28-12-2008 23:38:56

Let us know if that works. Very nice to know, if so! Thanks TravMan.