New and skeptical

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09-12-2008 09:24:51

Hey everybody i'm really happy to be here and see all the success!

I am new and have a credit card that i'm very willing to use BUT i am
worried about giving away my address and telephone number to these free trials and other offers.

Will my mailbox be stuffed with junk mail from these companies everyday? Will i be receiving telephone calls constantly on my land line from solicitors about these trials?

I am not worried about spam email because i have a dedicated email for these ventures.

Thanks in advance!

sandra habina

09-12-2008 16:43:40

Hello and welcome to FIPG.

Most offer affiliates use a secure ordering system. And no on the mailbox full of junk mail. Yes on some phone calls. Good idea to have a dedicated email addy. Hope this helps. )


28-12-2008 23:51:44

I always use my home phone # for completing offers. Noone needs to know that it's been disconnected for nearly a year. For the Freebie site registrations, I use a valid #. Never received any calls. But get ready for plenty of SPAM!


30-01-2009 20:44:27

I havent really had much spam at all. And the ones that I, are filtered out by my spam filter on Yahoo. As for the phone calls, you will get an occasional call. I have however called back and put my number on the 'Do not call list' and that seemed to solve the problem


01-02-2009 10:38:46

Welcome... I have lots of spam call & emails. U need to create an email just for this only. I use my cell # for offers so when they call I can jst ignore it.