Anyone heard of this site?

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11-11-2008 08:58:19

Recently I was searching the net and found this site

It's called Points 2 Shop, and you fill out offers (as expected) and rack up points that can be supposedly used to purchase real items from
So far it looks legit; I've been most impressed with how I haven't been asked my CC# at all!! The best part is that the offers don't require a CC and most are just surveys.

I'm new here so someone might have already started a thread on this, but I was wondering if anyone has had experience with this site before?? And if you have, did you actually receive the items you requested?

Just wanted to check that it wasn't a scam and I'm not wasting my time, so far so good.



11-11-2008 09:10:05

You were searching the net, and you found a URL with your own referral link in it? AMAZING!

Now remove it or be banned


11-11-2008 12:02:44

Yeah, you need to remove it from your sig too. ASAP.


11-11-2008 13:42:35

Actually I just did you a favor. Since you said you found a URL with your own ref link just by searching, I figured that someone must have been spamming it. So I went ahead and reported your ref link for spamming for you.


11-11-2008 14:48:41

lol, i was just wondering if the website worked or not. I didn't think posting it once would be spamming. Sorry guys


29-12-2008 00:15:03

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't mess with these guys, or you'll be deodorant!!!!!!


29-12-2008 07:31:38

I know you're trying to help, but these topics you're replying to are a month+ old.