newbie questions

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25-10-2008 20:52:47

I'm trying to understand how credits work. Like the difference between
1 credit site, 2 credit site, etc.

Offers may give 1/2 credit, 1/3 credit, etc. Do I have to do enough offers
to add up to a full credit before I'm green on a 1 credit site?

I would also like to know if Paypal payments are always cash. Do I need a Paypal Premiere account for payments funded by a credit or check card
like I do on ebay.



26-10-2008 18:59:00

On a 1 credit site, you would need to add up enough partial credits to equal at least 1, on a 2 credit site to equal 2, etc. Once you have enough and they have credited, you will be green. The main thing to keep in mind is if you are trading green for green, you need to be sure they are comparable sites (not a 1 credit for a 2 credit, etc).

As far as the PayPal, it depends on how they process the deposit (mass pay or other). With a basic account, you should still have the option of accepting the payment, but there is a limit (4 a month, maybe??? I don't remember). But it would be worth considering a premiere account anyway, if you are going to green for $$, and many people will pay from a cc or check.

Hope this clears some of it up.