Can I Trade Something Other Than A Green Or Cash?

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25-09-2008 02:34:50


Sorry, Im being a newbie here, but Im basically skint at the moment and want some referrals for freebie jeebies.

If I go into the trade forum would I be allowed to trade something like 100 of online bingo vouchers for a green or something like that?

Any help would be much appretiated.



25-09-2008 07:00:44

If someone is willing, I wouldn't see why not. However, there's not a specific thread here for that. I know's from has a thread for trading items other than cash or greens. So check them out.


25-09-2008 07:46:38

Thanks a lot for the reply, will check them out now


26-10-2008 19:02:13

As long as both trading partners agree and it's not something illegal, I don't see why not......

Anybody want to do a green for 500,000 Neopoints on Neopets??



26-10-2008 22:01:51

lol bad ass deal