My trading partner disappeared!?

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24-09-2008 17:49:26

I'm still fairly new on this site. I greened for a person on 9-19-08. I immediately sent them a message to let them know. I haven't heard back since or received payment. It has been 5 days. I don't know if this length of time is a normal wait time or not. How long should I wait to hear from them, and what should I do if they don't respond?


24-09-2008 18:46:37

who is it?

if you don't feel comfy posting it, pm a mod and they will help you out.

sandra habina

24-09-2008 23:56:42

Hello dear, if your agreement was to be paid on green - then you should have been paid by now. I would PM them again and see if they have been on the forum or have read your PM. If so and they still do not reply - then definitely contact a moderator. They can help.
Sometimes - things come up and perhaps that trader has not been online to read your private message. Hopefully, they will make good soon.
If you agreed to be paid upon approval that is a different story and can take several weeks to be paid. So check on that dear.

Best of Luck to you.


25-09-2008 21:48:44

Thanks for the advice. I sent another message and will wait a day or two for a reply. And then I will contact a moderator if I receive no response.


01-10-2008 19:43:58

I've contacted a moderator. I now have 2 traders that have not paid IndianKKing, and HighRollin

I just discovered that HighRollin has been banned on another trading forum for not following through with trade agreements.

I'm being extra careful now who I trade with regardless of their TR.


01-10-2008 19:47:55

HighRollin was online today. IndianKing was last at FIPG on Sept 24.


01-10-2008 19:52:51

Yes, and it's been almost 2 weeks since I greened for IndianKKing, and over a week since I greened for HighRollin.

In addition to sending them pms, e-mails, IMs, etc., can I also leave messages in their threads?


01-10-2008 20:00:20

well that would be bumping their thread. Also if it was negative, Mods might not like it. I'd PM a mod.


01-10-2008 20:06:22

Good point. I've already PMed a mod. I'll wait to hear back.