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21-09-2008 21:25:00

i recently signed up for an account at youripodnano4free with a points account, but decided today i'd rather do referrals.

since i didn't complete any offers yet, can i sign up for a new account under someone else's referral link?

i remember i did this when i was about 13 or 14 years old and had no problem, but that was with gratis. (i never did get my free item though because i couldn't do any of the offers D)

also since i am a college student now living on campus, i imagine other students may have also signed up and used their campus address as their shipping address. will this result in any problems for me? all our addresses are the same except for our individual box #'s.

thanks in advance for your help ) FiPG seems like a great community and i'm looking forward to getting (almost) free stuff!


21-09-2008 21:28:07

Are you signed up under a ref link right now?


21-09-2008 21:40:48

nope ) stupid on my part.


22-09-2008 06:11:00

well i'm pretty sure once you're signed up, that's it. however if I were you I would just submit a support ticket and state your case. It can't hurt and it might get you somewhere.


22-09-2008 08:02:22

If you haven't done an offer, and you haven't referred anyone, you can abandon an account on a TRAINN site. When you sign up again you will need to use a different email address though.

I would submit a support ticket and ask about the shared address issue. You might get put on hold for that.