New & eager, looking for Non-CC sites! :D

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17-09-2008 21:35:04

Hey guys, I'm new to this site, but, I'm familiar with the free stuff business. I've never actually completed a site, but, I'm looking forward to finishing something I can do eventually.

I am looking for sites that do not require a credit card at all. My end goal is actually a 360, but I doubt there's any sites that offer 360s with non-cc offers (though, that'd be awesome D). Referrals shouldn't be a problem!

I will sign up for any sites you guys suggest, whether it be as your referral, or not! ] I just want some good sites for free stuff!

Thanks, and I'm looking forward to learning more about this great community!


18-09-2008 10:15:12

I would suggest doing some searches on the forum for no credit card sites as this is a pretty common quetion.

Doing a quick search, does not require credit cards, same with the

YGF ( http// ) has a 13 and older policy, and you are most welcome there also.

Try those places out. Also just search the forum and I am sure you will find many more


25-09-2008 02:18:22

Some sites allow you to sign up to Betfair as an offer, this requires paypal