Trainn credits account vs referral account

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16-09-2008 21:25:56

Has anyone ever done the credits account where you can do it all by yourself and you get so many credits from each offer? you need a bunch of credits to complete??

and if so, was it worth it?


17-09-2008 07:56:07

It's probably not worth it, the number of offers you have to do is a lot higher than the number of referrals you would have to get with the other method. You'd be better off trading ref-4-ref with the referrals method, because you would end up doing a lot less offers.


17-09-2008 07:58:35

I see. that summed it up for me. Thanks.


25-09-2008 02:19:08

Yep, looks like way too much effort, way too many subscriptions to cancel and you will also end up with a lot of junk mail in your inbox and your mailing address from the firms you are asked to sign up to