Windows Vista! Arrrrrgh!

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04-09-2008 11:10:57

Is anyone else using Vista without any trouble? Some hidden setting is eating my cookies, and I cant find them! Ive cruised the internet, and just to test, I went into my internet options, General, Browsing History "settings", and when I click to View Files...There is NOTHING! I cant access my Temp Files Folder to save my life...

Can anyone tell me what the secret is?

I had been using XP while my laptop was being repaired, and I got mine back yesterday and it has Vista...turned off the firewall, changed my security settings, etc. but something isnt working!


Thanks! o)

sandra habina

04-09-2008 11:14:17

Maybe check in the tech yourself section dear. Hopefully someone can answer you soon. I wish I knew more.