Is there a good, legit site I can do to earn a nintendo ds?

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04-09-2008 08:02:34

We dont use credit cards so I'm having a problem.. getting referrals too since no one I know "believes" in this stuff!

My 6yr old really wants one of these so I'd like to earn one, somehow. Anyone know of a good site I could do?


04-09-2008 20:19:11

I don't believe there is a Trainn Site for DS. (I ussually go for those sites) , I was going through for mine. they have seemed pretty reliable to me.


06-09-2008 15:01:48

You should be able to do a custom order on just about any site you want to for this. Just put in a support ticket and ask them how many referrals you need for that and if you can set your 'custom order' option for that prize.


29-12-2008 14:39:39

it works... have to try it to see. go to http//

they show which are legit and not.