What sites can I do Without a credit card at all?

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03-09-2008 18:05:22

I dont have one. I dont want one. Are their any sites I can do without one? Most seem to need them for the offers

I did ipodsweepstakes and that was great. I did the free offers and got my ipod shuffle. ONly took me about 3 weeks to do the offer!

Looking for others.. if anyone can tell me of one/some I'll gladly sign up under you )

Thanks a bunch!


03-09-2008 18:13:34

www.lucrocash.com has a ton of non-cc offers, and we'll pay you cash.


03-09-2008 18:25:33

Thank you for helping me ) I got my 1st free prize, now I'm addicted! Heading over there now!


25-09-2008 02:27:48

Some sites allow Betfair as the offer where you can use Paypal as the payment if you have that