where to go for ipod

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01-09-2008 14:42:24

I want a site to do so I can get an ipod. I have an account at flashipods but cant find anyone to do that. Would it be because thats old so everyones done it?

Anyway can anyone suggest a site to do? I want to trade for referrals. Which site is good? Keep in mind I'm in Canada so need offers that can be done here.



02-09-2008 19:14:19

I'm not looking to trade but Rocketbills has an ipod as a prize. you can also get an ipod from any site offering a custom order prize as an option.


02-09-2008 19:52:29

You can do just about any site and custom order an iPod, most networks also have an iPod as a prize.


04-09-2008 08:03:21

I did Ipod Sweepstakes. NO referrals and No credit card needed. I dont have either and just did the free offers (mostly sign up for contests and brochures). Took me 3 weeks but I earned an Ipod Shuffle. You can keep earning for a nano if you prefer )


25-09-2008 02:28:40

ipods.freepay.com? apple.freebiejeebies.co.uk