are there any make money sites for canada?

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31-08-2008 11:12:48

im in canada, a lot of the stuff like fusion cash doesnt seem to apply here. are there any sites for canada? it doesnt have to be cash, rewards are OK as well.



31-08-2008 11:17:37


I-Deal Direct DIY site. No referrals required.
8 offers for $500


31-08-2008 11:19:53

cool, im checking it out. is there anything that doesnt require a credit card?


31-08-2008 11:23:30

i dont like that previous one. seems quite shady, all these popups and tens of offers one must select yes or no for.


31-08-2008 12:01:40

That site is the best payout for the least amount of work.
If you want to discard it without giving it a second look simply because of your own unfamiliarity with the system than that is your loss. Do some research. Inform yourself about what is out there. If you really want to make money off of this, you can. But, like anything, it's going to require some research and time to benefit from. You aren't going to find anything worth doing that doesn't require a credit card. You aren't going to find anything worth doing that doesn't require an investment of time, money and organization.


31-08-2008 13:11:56

OK so can you suggest any good offers for Canada then? the popups and requirement to sign up for diff newsletters made it look quite suspect