I screwed up my log in MOD please help

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30-08-2008 15:36:55

I have messed up my log in and now cant access my account. I have emailed a mod but nothing yet. Can it be fixed so I dont lose all my trade points and posts, etc....


31-08-2008 14:24:19

What do you mean you messed up your login?


31-08-2008 14:50:44

I went in to update my email address and phat fingered the keyboard and had an extra letter in the email i put in. So when I clicked submit, They automaticaly deactivate the account and send a new reactivation link to the email provided. Well, its non-existent so I cant do anything with it. now i cant log in or anything.


31-08-2008 19:04:31

What is your original username? I assumed it was petie but apparently not.


31-08-2008 19:09:59

petieroman, If you can restore it back to the original log in, that would be cool.


01-09-2008 13:06:00

PM me the correct e-mail address to add to your account, then I'll activate it.


01-09-2008 15:53:46

ok done.


01-09-2008 19:41:33

All is well, Thank you!