1Offer for Green or 1 Credit for Green

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30-08-2008 01:32:22

Hi i have a very odd question. I have been reading up on this 1Offer for Green or 1 Credit for Green on all the sites.

So what does it mean complete 1 offer for green?????
What does 1 credit for green mean?????

I am new to this but i keep running into this same problem. All the Traders that say complete 1 offer for green i get but the ones that say 1 credit for green stumps me. I go to these sites and there is no 1 credit offers. They are 1/4, 1/2, or 1/8 credits for the offers. So do i have to complete as many offers as it takes to make one credit????


sandra habina

30-08-2008 03:05:56

Hello - Yes many sites have partial credit offers so you need to complete as many that will equal the credit needed to green. Some sites are 1 or 2 or 3 credits.

If it is 1 offer to green - then that site does have full credit offers.

Best of luck dear )