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26-08-2008 13:39:31

Hey, does anybody know the contact info for Affordable Guides? I really need a phone number because they won't respond to my emails. Thank you.


27-08-2008 07:32:01

wow, what a shitty term buried in their ToS

[quote5fe11e39fb]However, if you decide to cancel your Affordable Guides membership within 10 days of when you process your order, you will be charged a fourty dollar cancellation fee. This fee covers the support, processing fees, and time it takes for us to set up the Affordable Guides members area that you have access to the day you join. This cancellation fee is non-refundable. If you cancel anytime after 10 days of joining Affordable Guides, you will not be charged the non-refundable cancellation fee. Our support desk that processes all cancellations is only open on Monday - Friday from 8am PST to 6pm PST to process your cancellation request. If you send in your cancellation request after these business hours, we will process your cancellation on the next business day[/quote5fe11e39fb]
I couldn't find a phone number though.


04-09-2008 15:56:11

Can anyone else help me out? Now they are probably purposely not responding to my emails, just so that they can bill me the $60 to stay with the program... This is why you should always read the TOS first...


05-09-2008 13:15:40

This offer is just one of the worst offers ever! Well, u just have to put up with the emails... keep sending someone will contact you. I completed this offers and my emails were responded to in a timely manner.. so... hope it works for you too...

Good luck.


05-09-2008 15:05:34

"fourty" isn't a word. You should refuse to pay because of that.