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14-08-2008 01:57:17

I'm new here, and I keep seeing these offers pop up. So I went to Transcendent Innovations and made an account. Thing is, I'm looking to get the PS3 for free, not for slightly free. Should I go with credit or referrals, and which offer(s) can I complete to come out of this deal 100% free? I don't want to sound like a tight-wad, but if they say it's free, I want it free. Thanks!


14-08-2008 06:10:16

If you go with credits, you will need to do enough offers to cover however many credits you need, which will cost you a small amount for each offer (usually). If you go with referrals, you will still need to do one offer, then find other people to do an offer each, depending on how many referrals you need for your item. If you have friends, family, etc, who will do your referrals without charging you, it will be free. If you need to find referrals here, they will NOT be free, but you may be able to trade referral for referral (again, you will need to do at least one offer on each site you sign up on).

They say FREE, but it's not their problem if you have to pay for referrals. What they mean by FREE is that THEY do not charge you anything.

Hope that clears things up for you.



14-08-2008 09:10:32

You're very much a help, thanks!

What are the best offers to complete so I can come out without baying basically the price of the ps3? lol...

sandra habina

14-08-2008 10:03:04

CHECK the offers and do the ones you are interested in. That way you pay a small fee but get something you like too. Make sure to read the TOS of each offer - some have free trials (small s & h fee) ok


14-08-2008 10:35:27

Nope, sorry -- nobody can recommend offers to you with the express intention of getting by cheap. It's considered fraud, a walkthrough, and violates all sites' terms of service. Likewise no discussion of offer cancellations. You do offers that you have an interest in trying.

Nothing is entirely free, least of all "freebies." However the investment is usually minuscule compared to the full price of the item in question. If it costs you as little as $10-$20 or as much as $50 to get a PS3, so what? That's still a huge bargain in anybody's book. Most people here pay as much as $40 or more for each referral to get something, cutting their "profit" down significantly, and yet they still continue to do it.


14-08-2008 16:07:05

Thank you all for your help ) Hopefully, I'll be ready to start trading soon.


18-08-2008 06:50:00

Feel free to send me a PM when you are ready to start trading and I will offer any help or advice I can. It can be confusing when you get started, but it is a lot of fun once you get the hang of it.



24-08-2008 09:27:03

Welcome to fipg and if you need any help or have any questions feel free to pm me. I would love to help out a fellow trader. As far as getting anything free dmorris68 is absolutely correct. But you can get things cheaper then if you were to actually buy them. Check out the offers and find the ones that interest you. Becareful to read the tos because some may have hidden fees. Take care and happy trading.