nanoipod4free site acting up

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02-08-2008 21:37:25

i just returned to after doing and offer and then leaving it for a year. when i log in it says "We have detected that this is your first login to our new site! Please take a moment to update your profile with some additional information!" but when i fill in my info and click the button it just sends me back to the main page (and logs me out).

any ideas? or does anyone know who i should talk to about this?


02-08-2008 22:30:25

Dude, I've never even heard of FCANet, Inc.

I tried running a search for it on here and the only thing I kept coming up with was a Sirius/XM satellite merger thread by H3X.

I'm thinking they either updated their sites and in the process all idle accounts were either deleted or archived OR the site went black and you're S.O.L.

Either way, try email=ing their administrator email=admin@freecomputeraddons.comadmin@freecomputeraddons.coming their administrator
and see what he says, (assuming he even responds, or better yet, still exists.)

Based upon the TOS screen, I'm thinking this site is done.

And BTW, also based on the TOS, this site is a POS and you shouldn't be doing it anyway. I'm not even sure that it's legit. The format is clearly stolen from other reputable networks and it just looks funky.

Try some of the top rated networks on here like TRAINN, YGF, TheFreeSpree, GiftOrb, ZPT and 123.

Seriously. This site is bootleg as hell.


03-08-2008 12:02:15

haha, yeah. i guess its time to put that site behind me. i might email the admin but at this point i dont even know if its worth it. thanks for checking it out.